Years of Beer

How does one one year or 10 years of beer sound? Pretty awesome we thought, so we created two membership programs that allow for exactly that: a full year of beer with perks and 10 years of beers with even more perks..

Here’s how it works

As a Year of Beer VIP member or a Years of Beers Founders’ Club member, you are provided access to great discounts, merchandise and of course beer. Our Year of Beer VIP membership provides you with a flat of our core beer each month for 12 months along with great taproom deals and other benefits. The Years of Beers Founders’ Club membership kicks it up a notch with 96.4 litres of beer per year for 10 years*. You can take your beer in the form of cans, 12 packs, Growlers or kegs. We just keep track of it and then we reset the dial a year into it. We know you have questions, so please call or drop us a note.

More information > [PDF]

* taxes and deposit due at time of beer acquisition.