Rock Blonde

BLONDE is BACK! Power 97 and Torque Brewing have restocked summer fave, ‘ROCK BLONDE – BLONDE ALE’ – now available for purchase at Torque Brewing’s taproom, Manitoba Liquor Marts and local beer vendors!

These crisp, bright, and refreshing bevvies are a great way to rock your next barbecue, patio party or bonfire. Serve it ice cold with a side of Winnipeg’s Rock Station – Power 97!

4.5% ABV // 18 IBU


Clean. Easy drinking. Light.

Our Blonde Ale finds its place as our most approachable beer. American Blonde ales offer up easy-drinking flavours of light bread, a subdued bitterness, and high carbonation. Popularized as a sort of “craft beer” answer to the popularity of American light lagers, blonde ales are many people’s first foray into the craft beer landscape, and we’ve designed this beer as approachable as possible just because of that. That’s not to say this beer isn’t enjoyed by craft beer enthusiasts as well, it certainly is! Just don’t rush the newbies, they’ll get around to the triple IPAs and imperial stouts one day… for now, let’s have a Torque Blonde.


  • Silver medal at the Prairie Beer Awards, category Blonde Ale, 2022


Pair this beer with any of your favourite foods, its simple, refined tastes are sure to complement just about anything.


Best served in a pint glass.


Blonde Ale

ABV: 4.5%

Alcohol Content by Volume

IBU: 18