Witching Hour

A fall tradition, this beer is roasty and spicy with a smooth pumpkin follow-through. Perfect for those dark fall evenings.

6.5% ABV // 30 IBU


Unique. Baking Spice. Spooky (in a good way).

There are few beers that come together quite like Witching Hour. Our original recipe that this beer is based on involved using an actual pumpkin as a beer vessel… although we aren’t doing it quite like that, its current iteration does involve adding a ton of pumpkin directly into the boil and letting the yeast go to work at it during primary fermentation. The use of baking spices, dark malts (and maybe even a little dark magic) give this beer a rounded, almost sweet flavour reminiscent of fall colours, pumpkin pie, and baked goods. This is one to enjoy with family and friends and let everyone experience just how different beer can taste from what they might expect, honestly, this is a beer that may even turn your grandma into a fan…



Don’t even get us started on its pairing possibilities… in an ice cream float? Yep, it works. To make a pumpkin pie even more interesting? Yep, Witching Hour has got you. Alongside a turkey dinner? No problem. Make sure to get this one soon! It’s normally gone faster than most can say trick or treat 😉


Serve in a stemmed tulip glass or goblet.